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# cleanup-meeting-data
This script removes data of past meetings from `/var/bigbluebutton`.
This program removes data of past meetings from `/var/bigbluebutton`, and deletes old Etherpad documents (meeting notes and subtitles).
## building
Since Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) is the current recommended platform for running BigBlueButton, it is recommended that you also use that operating system as your build environment. When using newer versions of Ubuntu or Debian to build, the installation of the `.deb` package will fail on the target server, because the binary will link against newer versions of system libraries, which are not available in Ubuntu 16.04.
The package assumes that your `hostname` during installation matches the name that your webserver is listening on, e.g. the API should be reachable at `https://$(hostname)/bigbluebutton/`.
# get the code
git clone
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